Changing a Tire

  • Deflate tire
  • Remove nuts from back side of wheel: (3) PVC wheel, (4) Balloon wheel.
  • Remove bolts and Bearing Retainer Rings.
  • Separate Hub Halves by pulling apart gradually.
  • Remove Bearings/Bushings from Hub Halves and replace if visibly worn.
  • Remove old tire and discard.
  • Reverse procedure for installation of new tire. Wiggle hub halves to seat together.
  • Inflate to proper PSI (Optimal pressure: 2.5 psi).

Hint: Change 1 tire at a time leaving other(s) assembled as reference when re-assembling.

Tools required:

  • 10mm adjustable socket wrench/ratchet or nut driver required to remove nuts & bolts.
  • Tire Pump
  • Low Pressure Gauge


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