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Beach Wheels Europe was founded in 2010 with the aim of facilitating the access to beaches, and any other terrain, to any person around Europe.

To do so, we count on our low-pressure wheels (Beach Wheels) that allow you to transport large amounts of weight without getting stuck in the sand. In addition, we can adapt to many needs thanks to the diversity of products we offer.

Between our products we can highlight our All-terrain Wheelchairs, Jet Ski Dollies, Boat Dollies or Stand Up Paddle Carts. On the other hand, we count on Conversion Kits that allow you to adapt any product to the Beach Wheels.

BWEU company was born from the commitment between WheelEEZ, the main distributor in USA of our products, and Remolcs Cortés, company specialized in trailers and located in Spain, to bring the Beach Wheels to the European continent. In this way, we offer competitive shipping throughout Europe from our store located in Gurb (Barcelona). 



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