Dolly 24 Complete Frame
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This Winch Kit attaches to the Dolly 24 so that you can winch your jet ski on to the dolly.

  • Includes all parts listed on Parts for the Jet Ski Dolly 24 Frame
    • WZ4-D24-RA001 (Runners with covers)
    • WZ4-AL254-467 (Axle)
    • WZ4-D-AXS (Axle support)
    • WZ4-D-EXT (Extender)
    • WZ5-D-AX-H (Axle hardware)
    • WZ5-D-EX-H (Extender hardware)
    • WZ5-D-RN-H (Runner hardware)
    • WZ5-HP (Hitch pin)
    • WZ6-D-RST (Retaining strap)
  • Does not inclue wheels or Winch Kit.


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