All-Terrain Rollator
P/N: WZ1-ATW-24

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The WheelEEZ All-Terrain Rollator is specifically designed to navigate all the challenging off-road terrains... soft sand, mud, gravel, grass, rocks, cobblestones (plus road and concrete). The wider WheelEEZ® polyurethane wheels allow you a safer more stable base to walk with, giving you added confidence to experience the great outdoors with ease.

The health benefits of exercising are well documented, with walking being key to promoting mobility, mental health and longevity.

- Ultra-lightweight anodized aluminium frame with stainless steel/ zinc plated hardware.
- 4x WZ1-24U WheelEEZ® wheels.
- Duel/ independent ‘swivel casters’.
- Mesh carry basket.
- Comfortable padded seating and backrest.
- Maximum width: 80.8cm (31.85”). Fits though standard doorways.

- Seat height: 50.8cm (20”)
- Maximum payload: 120kg/ 265lb
- Seat dimensions: 41cm x 28cm (16.15”X 11.25”).
- Handle height: 87cm - 96cm (34.25” – 37.80”) from the floor.
- Maximum length: 91.2cm (36”)


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