Repairing a Tire with a puncture



1. shrader-valveDoes your tire have a "shrader valve?" This is the kind of valve you would find on a bicycle tire or car tire.

2. Inflate tire and submerge in soapy water to detect leak. (If it's not obvious.)

  • If the leak is coming from a puncture or pinhole, continue to #3
  • If the leak is coming from the valve stem, please click on the “Valve Stem Leak” tab on the left.

3. Mark puncture by inserting nail/pin

4.Deflate tire completely

5. Remove nail/pin.

6. hot-knifeYour wheel is easily repairable using a hot knife or soldering iron. (A knife heated with a lighter will work if you don't have access to a hot knife or soldering iron.)

7. For pinholes and punctures you can melt the surface material immediately surrounding the hole and cover the hole with the melted material. Be sure to only melt the surface material. Don't melt too deep.

8. For tears, pinch area around the hole or cut to expose inner edge of tire wall. Apply heated tip of soldering iron or hot knife to tire wall until material gets sticky.

9. Gradually release grip on tire and allow the material to come back together.

10. Apply iron/knife to edge of the outer edge of hole/cut and build up tire material on top of that area.

11. Let patch cool and cure for 10-15 minutes. Inflate to specified pressure. (Optimal pressure: 2.5 psi.) For best result use a bicycle pump. DO NOT OVERINFLATE. Use low pressure gauge to check pressure.


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